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History Project on Attorneys of Color

Co-Chairs for the Celebrating Attorneys of Color Symposium (l-r) Vanessa Avery and Hon. Juliett Crawford

On April 13, 2012, the Connecticut Bar Foundation James W Cooper Fellows presented a remarkable symposium entitled “Our History, Our Future: Celebrating Attorneys of Color in Connecticut.”  The symposium was co-sponsored by the four associations for attorneys of color (George W. Crawford Black Bar Association, Connecticut Hispanic Bar Association, Connecticut Asian Pacific American Bar Association, and South Asian Bar Association of Connecticut).  It was designed to highlight and preserve the rich history of attorneys of color in Connecticut.  A key component of the symposium was the development of a comprehensive historical timeline which was on full display along the wall at the entrance to the moot courtroom at Quinnipiac University Law School where the symposium was held.


Attendees view the Timeline at “Our History, Our Future: Celebrating Attorneys of Color in Connecticut” Symposium

We have reproduced the timeline below for you to use as a resource to educate and inspire others in future events and studies. It is our wish that you continue to contribute to this rich and meaningful historical archive so others can have access to information on a greater number of attorneys of color and the historical context of their contributions.

Symposium Recording (Three Parts)