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Fellows Roundtables


The Fellows started roundtable forums to discuss topics of the day and issues involving the practice of law. It is hoped that there will continue to be four or more luncheon or dinner meetings each year, in each of the four regions of the state. Twenty to thirty Fellows attend each forum, and a Fellow, in collaboration with one or more discussion leaders, moderates the conversation. To date, there have been thirty-nine roundtables. Click here to view our Fellows Roundtable Catalogue.



  • #39 Telehealth: Law, Medicine, and Access to Care
  • #38 Generational Differences in the Practice of Law: The Past, Present and Future of the Practice of Law
  • #37 Lawyer Burnout During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • #36 The Invisible Wall: Obstacles to Due Process in Immigration Cases
  • #35 Building the 21st Century Lawyer: What Does it Take to Be an Effective Lawyer These Days?
  • #34 Ethical Considerations for Lawyers: Limits on Free Speech in the Age of Social Media
  • #33 A View from the Other Side, (A discussion with Criminal Defendants who have been Through the System)
  • #32 The Business of Law
  • #31 Representing Clients with Mental Health Conditions
  • #30 The Rule of Law: What Is It And What Is Our Ethical And Moral Duty In Preserving It?
  • #29 Limited English Proficiency
  • #28 Representing Clients with Mental Health Conditions
  • #27 “Did you hear the story of ...?” [The Art of Storytelling/How Lawyers Tell Stories]
  • #26 The Use and Abuse of Social Media by Clients and Attorneys
  • #25 Securing Their Future: Finding Solutions for Adults with Disabilities
  • #24 Getting a Grip on Gender [Understanding the Ways People Identify Themselves]
For information on the latest roundtable: please contact the CBF at or 860.722.2494.