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#37 Lawyer Burnout During the COVID-19 Pandemic

May 14, 2020

This is not the roundtable we had planned. This is not the world we had planned for. We had planned to meet, share a meal and talk about lawyer burnout in general. Then came COVID-19. It is more important now than ever to discuss lawyer burnout, particularly in the context of our current situation. How can we manage our professional and personal obligations when the lines have become so blurred? How can we remain motivated and focused on our tasks at hand? What is realistic to expect from ourselves in our work product and home life? Please join us for a conversation about how we can identify and acknowledge when we have reached our limit and how we can develop skills to cope with our challenges.


Attorney Robert Caffrey
Caffrey Counseling

Attorney Beth Griffin
Connecticut Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers

Dr. Sidney Horowitz
Connecticut Resource Group, LLC

Attorney James Sullivan
Fiorentino, Howard & Petrone, P.C.


Attorney Tracie Molinaro
St. Onge and Broulliard

Attorney Allenston Sheridan, Jr.
Diana, Conti & Tunila, LLP

Attorney Cody Guarnieri
Brown, Paindiris & Scott, LLP