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Constance Baker Motley Speaker Series: The World According to Dobbs: Racial Inequality and Stare Decisis

Tuesday, January 17, 2023
5:00 pm7:00 pm

The decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization (Dobbs) overruled Roe v. Wade (Roe) and held that there is no constitutional right to an abortion. This decision will impact all women, but will significantly impact women in communities of color. Women from minoritized communities, especially Black women, face systemic inequities in health care and reproductive care. Black women are more likely to need access to abortions and die during childbirth, infant mortality rates are higher in communities of color, and access to reproductive healthcare is also limited in many of these communities.

This session will discuss the road to Dobbs, including the history and background of contraception and abortion rights, the reasoning behind the expansion of rights over time, the impact/relationship to other substantive due process cases, and the impact on women of color. In addition, we will discuss legislative developments since the decision last June.

Cost: Free

CT: 2.0 CLE credits (Ethics)

To learn more about this event or to register via Zoom, please visit the link provided below.