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"Understanding Human Trafficking" Series

Annmarie Boulay

Annmarie Boulay

Annmarie Boulay is the Founder and CEO of The Underground NE.  The Underground is a grass-roots, faith-based initiative dedicated to ending sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in Connecticut.  Founded in 2013, the Underground has grown to over 2,000 volunteers from over 300different churches.  

One of the Underground’s primary goals is to engage ordinary people from all walks of life in the fight against trafficking and exploitation. To that end, the Underground has hosted and presented numerous awareness events throughout Connecticut.  The Underground’s volunteers have assembled 1,000’s of backpacks for at-risk children, have made over 100’s of care packages for survivors in recovery,and have donated hundreds of winter items for homeless youth.  The Underground has funded over 100,00 Human Trafficking Hotline info pieces in Connecticut that provide emergency phone numbers so those in need can find help.  The Underground has also connected volunteers to local agencies where they can become trained to be mentors or foster parents.  

Because the Underground uses a unique financial model where churches pool their human and monetary resources to cover overhead expenses, all donations go directly toward benefitting victims, survivors and those at-risk of being trafficked or exploited in Connecticut.