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Following the Fellows Newsletter

Following the Fellows is the newsletter of the James W. Cooper Fellows of the Connecticut Bar Foundation.

The newsletter is intended as a platform to:

  • share the content of various Fellows programs with a larger audience, and allow deeper discussion of these topics;
  • highlight personal stories of Fellows to introduce them, as well as inspire and motivate us; and
  • learn more about the other work of the Foundation and the legal aid organizations we support.  

If you have ideas for future content for the newsletter or would like to contribute, please reach out to Jack Steigelfest, Editor, through the CBF at

Please enjoy past issues of Following the Fellows by clicking on the links below.


    *Fellows Programming: The Connecticut Bar Association Policing Task Force
    *Fellows Opportunity: A Call to Action for Lawyers: Afghans Applying for Asylum Need Your Help
    *Focus on Fellows: Meet Fred Ury
    *CBF Grantees: Connecticut Legal Rights Project, Inc.

    *View From the Chair
    *Fellows Programming: Religious Faith and the Practice of Law Roundtable
    *Focus On Fellows: Meet Amy Lin Meyerson
    *CBF Grantees: Right to Counsel Program