About the Singer Connecticut Public Service Fellowship Program

In recent years, we have seen a significant increase in the number of people in Connecticut who qualify for free civil legal assistance. For many of these people, their ability to secure the most basic human needs depends entirely on the legal aid lawyers who are willing to advocate on their behalf. Without the zealous and passionate representation of these lawyers, those who face the loss of basic human needs – including housing, safety from domestic violence, health care benefits, employment, and educational opportunities – are often ill-equipped to protect their legal rights.

At the same time that the poverty population in Connecticut has grown, funding for civil legal has steadily decreased. Our state’s legal service providers have done their best to deal with the challenges of reduced funding. They need help to build additional resources to provide critically needed legal services to the state’s most underserved communities.

It is for these reasons that the Singer Connecticut Public Service Fellowship was created.

The mission of the Singer Connecticut Public Service Fellowship program is to have a long term impact on access to justice in Connecticut by funding and supporting the placement of talented new lawyers with legal services organizations within the state. By working together, the Singer Foundation and the Connecticut Bar Foundation seek to achieve the shared goals of encouraging new attorneys to enter the field of public service law in Connecticut and creating a fairer system of justice for all our residents, particularly for those who cannot afford a lawyer.

Beginning in 2018, the Singer Connecticut Public Service Fellowship Program will support three to five Fellows to work for a Connecticut legal aid organization. Please see our brochure for additional information about our program.