Roraback Circle Donors

The Roraback Circle is composed of prominent Connecticut attorneys committed to the preservation and expansion of the Rule of Law. The Connecticut Bar Foundation, in addition to its role in funding legal services for the poor, is committed to providing a forum for attorneys and the general public to understand emerging issues in the administration of justice and how these emerging issues affect their lives, and the preservation of a just society.

The Circle is named in honor and in memory of the late Catherine “Katie” Roraback because Katie’s entire career exemplified what it truly means for an attorney to uphold the Rule of Law and the administration of justice. She graduated Yale Law School in 1941 as the only woman in her graduating class. Throughout her storied career as a solo practitioner in Canaan, Katie participated in numerous landmark and controversial cases, including Griswold v. Connecticut, which established a constitutional right to privacy.

The following are current members of the Roraback Circle:



"It is my privilege to be a member of the Circle honoring Katie Roraback who truly practiced law for the right reasons. I proudly support the mission of the Bar Foundation to improve legal services for the poor, protect the civil rights of all citizens, and promote a more fair and equal justice system in our great state of Connecticut."

Robert L. Berchem, Senior Partner, Berchem Moses & Devlin PC

“The Connecticut Bar Foundation makes a valuable contribution to the Connecticut legal community that I am proud to support.  I am especially supportive of its work to fund legal services for the poor.”

Michael A. Cantor, Co-Managing Partner, Cantor Colburn LLP   



William H. Clendenen, Jr., Founder and Principal, Clendenen & Shea, LLC

“I joined the Roraback Circle to add to my support of the Bar Foundation’s role in reinvigorating a core value of democracy, the rule of law.  The Circle was aptly-named for a woman of courage and commitment to the rule of law, who was a mentor of mine.  Catherine Roraback (as we called her in Litchfield County) loved the law, and knew how to apply it in the protection of civil rights.”

Hon. Anne C. Dranginis (Ret.), Pullman & Comley, LLC


“As a trial lawyer, I believe access to a reliable and just legal system is an undeniable right—regardless of socioeconomic standing. Providing support to like-minded organizations, such as the Bar Foundation, has always been a top priority at my Firm. It is a pleasure to be a member of a group that consistently works hard not only to maintain, but also elevate and advance the civil rights guaranteed to all members of our society.”

Joel T. Faxon, Managing Partner, Faxon Law Group, LLC

“The Bar Foundation serves a crucial role not just as our state’s primary funder of legal services for the poor, but as a sponsor of programs that explore how the law helps address social problems. It is important that we all pitch in to support the Foundation and provide a firm footing for its great work.”

Tim Fisher, Dean and Professor of Law, University of Connecticut School of Law

Lawrence J. Fox, Partner, Schoeman Updike Kaufman & Gerber, LLP and George W. and Sadella D. Crawford Visiting Lecturer in Law and Supervising Lawyer at the Ethics Bureau at Yale Law School



James O. Gaston, Law Offices of James O. Gaston

“I am proud to support the Bar Foundation’s mission to support funding for quality legal services to Connecticut’s underrepresented low-income residents.”

Thomas D. Goldberg, Partner, Day Pitney LLP

“My contribution to the Roraback Circle reflects my deep appreciation for the Connecticut Bar Foundation’s role in preserving and expanding the Rule of Law. I am pleased and proud to help recognize and support the work performed by Catherine Roraback and countless others at the CBF who continue to advance the cause of justice for everyone.”

Hon. Matthew Gordon, Superior Court


Hon. Janet C. Hall, United States District Court, District of Connecticut


Jed Horwitt, Zeisler & Zeisler, PC

“Freedom in civil society depends on the rule of law, including equal justice for all. Alas, the price of freedom is not free. This is why I support the Connecticut Bar Foundation and am especially glad to be able to also honor Catherine Roraback and all that she represented in this way.”

Ginny Kim, Vice President and Managing Counsel, United Technologies Corporation

“I am proud to have served as the President of the Connecticut Bar Foundation, to have helped create in 1984 the Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts (IOLTA) Program, and to continue to support the Foundation. The Foundation has always worked to further and promote the understanding of the law by all peoples in Connecticut and to improve the law. The continuation of this work is vitally important.”

Charles C. Kingsley, Partner, Wiggin and Dana LLP

“I believe that, as lawyers, we have a special responsibility to protect both access to justice and the quality of justice. The Connecticut Bar Foundation and the Roraback Circle’s mission to support funding of quality legal services to persons of no or little means is critical to access to justice for all. By my contribution to the Roraback Circle, I am proud to make access to justice a reality for those persons most in need in our state.“

Hon. Kimberly A. Knox, Superior Court

"My contribution to the Roraback Circle is the very least I can do to assist the Bar Foundation in fulfilling its mission. It is also my way of honoring the late Katie Roraback, whose life and career have served as a true inspiration to all who knew her."

Bob Langer, Partner, Wiggin and Dana LLP

"The Bar Foundation plays a critical role in funding the necessary legal services for the underserved and the underrepresented in this state.  I am proud and privileged to do my part in supporting the Foundation."

Don Liu, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Xerox Corporation

“The Roraback Circle allows me, in a tangible way, to support the Connecticut Bar Foundation’s promotion of the rule of law through its programming and in its funding of our state’s legal services organizations, which make “access to justice” a reality for thousands of Connecticut’s most vulnerable and needy residents.“

Hon. Ingrid Moll, Appellate Court

"The CBF and Roraback Circle are one of the direct means through which we can help the disadvantaged in our society.  It’s important, and it’s meaningful.”

Joseph A. Santos, Former Corporate Vice President & Managing Counsel, United Technologies Corporation and Current Professor of Business Law (Adjunct) at CCSU and graduate student at Harvard Divinity School

“The Bar Foundation has long been the backbone of the legal profession’s commitment to ensuring that all Connecticut residents have equal access to justice, regardless of their income level.  I share the Foundation’s commitment and I have contributed to the Roraback Circle to help make that commitment a reality.”

Tim Shearin, Chairman, Pullman & Comley LLC

“With the privilege of practicing law comes the obligation to work toward the goal of ensuring equal access to justice for all.  Supporting the Bar Foundation as the primary funder of legal services for the poor and as a leading sponsor of programs that advance the cause of justice for all is a small step toward fulfilling that obligation.“

Hon. James Sicilian, Superior Court

“When access to justice is limited, the rule of law itself is undermined.  I welcome the opportunity to support the Connecticut Bar Foundation’s mission of making justice more accessible to those with the greatest need.”

Frank J. Silvestri, Jr., Partner, Verrill Dana LLP     

"It is my pleasure to support the Connecticut Bar Foundation and the Roraback Circle in their admirable efforts to provide quality legal representation to the most disadvantaged individuals in our community in need of legal services."

Michael J. Walsh, Founder & Principal, Walsh Woodard LLC     

"Equal justice for all has never been more crucial than it is today.  The Connecticut Bar Foundation gives me a way to support that initiative and also to promote continuing thoughtful education for those in the profession.  I am proud to have a part in those endeavors, and to do it in memory of  Katie Roraback, one of my heroes, makes it extra special."

Diane W. Whitney, Pullman & Comley LLC