Opioid Summit


Opioid Summit

“Building Bridges and Finding Answers: The Opioid Crisis in Connecticut”

Part 1

November 9, 2018



Available PowerPoint Presentations from this Event:


Talking the Same Language - Opioid Addiction Primer: What is it? How it Works. How it Happens: 
Dr. Daniel G. Tobin

The Opioid Impact in Connecticut & Response:
Raul Pino
Miriam Delphin-Rittman
Gary A. Roberge

Dr. David A. Fiellin


For an article about the event from Quinnipiac University, visit:


To view a video of the morning session from this event taken by CTN, visit: 


Part 2

June 7, 2019


Powerpoints and Videos

Group #1 - Milstein-Backman Municipalities

Group #2 - Hepburn Family Support

Group #3 - Gilmore Opioids in Schools

Group #4 - Ragaisis First Responders

Group #5 - Lessard-Peterson Children & Families Part 1

Group #5 - Lessard-Peterson Children & Families Part 2


Important Films Relative to the Opioid Summit:

#1 Chasing the Dragon - Patrick Caruso

#3 Together WE are Stronger- Ana Gopoian

Group #8 - Hinton Employers-Businesses

Group #9 - Dinnan Med Provider Education

Variety Hour - #1 - Ramona Anderson

Variety Hour - #2 - Maurice Bunnell


Presenter Bios:

Jeanne Millstein

Ashleigh Backman

Julia Scharnberg

Michael Freda

Trisha Rios

Dr. Millie Hepburn

James Fowler

Dr. Gail Gilmore

John Brady

Tricia Harrity

Robert Rader

Christopher Tracey

Christina Welch

Karen Ragaisis

Peter Canning

Adam Rinko

Kasia Lessard

Mary K. Peterson

Kim L. Duell

Jennifer Marshall

Kristina Stevens

Ramona K. Anderson

Rebecca Allen

Dr. Maurice E. Bunnell

Kimberly Lawther Jackson

John MacBeth

Patrick F. Caruso

John Simoncelli

Ana M. Gopoian

Kenneth G. House, Jr.

Michael G. Hines

Robert F. Lawlor, Jr.

Dr. Lisa Puglisi

Gary Roberge

Theresa Dalton

Maria Coutant Skinner

Donta Gorham

Robert C. Hinton

Cameron Atkinson

Mary Ellen Dombrowski

Dr. Steven Korn

Mark D. Soycher

Matthew Noeker

Dr. J. Craig Allen

Maureen Sullivan Dinnan

Dr. Samuel M. Silverman

Bill Logue