Mentoring of New Lawyers


Mentoring Project

The James W. Cooper Fellows Mentoring Program, in conjunction with the Connecticut Bar Association and the New Haven Bar Association, seeks to pair newly admitted lawyers to the bar of the State of Connecticut with an experienced lawyer to serve as a mentor. The role of the mentor is to teach the new lawyer the practical and unwritten rules, customs and usages applicable to the practice of law in this jurisdiction, provide guidance and advice with respect to the professional and ethical questions that confront him or her during the first year of practice, and to acquaint the attorney with the various opportunities for community involvement, as well as involvement in the activities of the local and state bar associations.


Mentoring Symposium

On November 13, 2015 a symposium, The Mentoring of New Lawyers:  Challenges, Rewards, and Best Practices was held at the Connecticut State Legislative Office Building.  Panelists included experts from mentoring programs from across the country, law school professors, experienced attorneys and graduates from in-state mentoring programs.  Links to materials distributed at the symposium are below:

  1. Mentoring Symposium Program
  2. Mentoring Symposium Bios of Speakers
  3. Mentoring Symposium Handouts
  4. Mentoring Symposium Power Point Presentation