Kravitz Symposium Series Donors

Wiggin and Dana LLP

American College of Trial Lawyers Foundation
Day Pitney LLP
McCarter & English LLP
Shipman & Goodwin LLP
Silver Golub & Teitell, LLP
The Travelers Companies, Inc.

Wendy E. Kravitz
American Board of Trial Advocates
Elizabeth J. Cabraser
Murtha Cullina LLP
Judith L. and David J. Beck
Carmody and Torrance LLP
Conway Londregan Sheehan & Monaco PC
Charles J. Cooper
Michael E. Driscoll
Timothy S. Fisher
Ariela Dubler and Hon. Jesse M. Furman
Hinckley, Allen & Synder LLP
Levett Rockwood PC
Motley Rice LLC
Sandak Hennessey & Greco LLP
Tinley, Nastri, Renehan & Dost, LLP
Brown Jacobson PC
Stephen R. Bruce
Troy A. McKenzie
Margarita and Robert O. Barberi
Debra R. Cardinali
Deborah J. and Steven M. Colloton
Judith and Daniel R. Coquillette
Carol A. Brook and Thomas Corfman
Jeffrey M. Donofrio
Theodore Eisenberg
Carolyn and Christopher M. Graham
Madeleine F. and Edward Grossman
Theodore C. Hirt
Marilyn L. Huff
Cheryl L. Johnson
Rosiland J. and Michael P. Koskoff
Toby P. Kravitz, D.D.S.
Andrea L. and Shay Kuperman
Maria Benedetto and Robert Laplaca
Janet and Hon. David M. Lawson
Denise W. Lewis
Michele and Ernest J. Mattei
Danielle Morris
Jodie and Andrew B. Nevas
Louise and Solomon Oliver, Jr.
Carol and Hon. Barry R. Schaller
Hon. Anthony J. Scirica
Randall T. Shepard
Christine M. and Frank J. Silvestri, Jr.
Elizabeth and Brian Spears
James F. Stapleton
Jeanne M. and Douglas R. Steinmetz
Brenda and Larry D. Thompson
Mike K. Thompson
Chilton D. Varner
Lisa and Bruce Wolkenbrod
Hon. Diane P. Wood and Robert L. Sufit
Hon. John A. Woodcock, Jr.
Barbara A. Young
Sandra B. and Hon. Thomas A. Zonay