Court Fees Grants-in-Aid

In an effort to replace drastically reduced IOLTA revenue, the Connecticut General Assembly passed certain court fee increases effective July 1, 2009, July 1, 2012, and July 1, 2014. Please click here for a copy of Public Act No. 09-152Public Act No. 12-89, Public Act No. 14-217 sec 179, or Public Act No. 16-26.  The Judicial Branch transfers the revenue from these increases to the Foundation monthly. The Foundation distributes the funds to current IOLTA grantees pursuant to Sec. 51-81c of the Connecticut General Statutes.
“Current economic conditions have drastically increased the number of low-income people in crisis who need legal help, while simultaneously wreaking havoc on most sources of funding for legal aid.  In this context, the court filing fees have been an island of stability that has preserved some of the legal services that people so desperately need to respond to homelessness, domestic violence and disability.”

- Steven Eppler-Epstein, Executive Director, Connecticut Legal Services